Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On the train..

      I am sitting on my 15 hour train ride right now on my way to the region where I will stay for most likely the next month.  Today I will meet an orphan that will soon not be an orphan but instead be a part of my very loving family.  I have traveled halfway around the world to meet him.  I have spent many uncomfortable hours in airports, planes and now a train to meet him.  I have done stacks and stacks of paperwork over the past year and a half just to get to this point.  For never meeting this child before I hope He will soon know how much he means to my family and myself already.  I already love him.  My wife and daughters back home already love him.  
He will be loved.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I made it!

     Well after countless hours in a plane and several plane transfers i managed to make it Kiev.  Now I just spent a half hour trying to figure out how to make this blog appear in English. Now that is done I think I am ready to start this adventure.  Well not actually start the adventure,  we have been working on this adventure for almost two years now.  Finally we get to start the last adventure of actually bringing a child home.

     I left my family back at home to come to a foreign country in hopes of meeting and bonding with a little boy and making him a part of our family.  It was so hard walking out the front door of my house leaving my three precious daughters and beautiful wife.  I know they are in good hands but the thought of not seeing them on a daily basis is so hard.  Modern technology has made that somewhat easier but it is still not the same as actually being there.
     I am sitting here writing this before my appointment with the SDA where I will be presented with children that might be a match for my family.  This meeting will change my life and my families forever.  I will be there alone but I know my family will be there in spirit with me helping me and guiding me to the perfect match for my family.  With that said I will go now and hopefully come back soon with wonderful news.